Welcome to the home page of the WE-STAY project.

The main objectives of WE-STAY are to gather epidemiological information on truancy on European adolescents; to perform intervention school-based programmes for adolescents, aimed at reducing truancy rates and improve mental health of students; to evaluate outcomes of the interventions, in comparison with a control group, from a multidisciplinary perspective including social, psychological and economical aspects; to recommend effective, culturally adjusted models for preventing truancy and promoting mental health of adolescents in different European countries. The WE-STAY project proposes to implement and evaluate outcomes of three different kinds of intervention against truancy: a) a universal intervention based on an awareness program for students, teachers and parents; b) a screening intervention aimed at identifying students at risk and refer them to mental health services; c) a combination of the above interventions. A mechanistic intervention to stop truancy will be used as control. The research actions aims at improvement of adolescents mental health through the prevention of truancy in European high schools. The intervention will be implemented in six different European countries. Comparative analysis of the outcomes will allow to produce recommendations about the most effective interventions to prevent truancy and promote mental health.

WE-STAY has been funded by the EU as a cooperative action under the VIIth framework programme (Grant Agreement HEALTH-2010-241542)

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